Saturday, January 10, 2009

A happy family

Good friends are hard to find.

We like fish, especially tuna tartare.


Hi, my name is Seaweed.

People tell me that I'm smart...
People tell me that I'm fast...
People tell me that I'm good at math...
But I know all this already.

What I really want to know is, if I fall in love,
what will that taste like?

Maybe like edamame?

Seaweed is 18"Tall, 4"Wide
(11" Sitting).

Seaweed is adopted by Huang family.


Hi, my name is Shiraz.

Though I like grape juice better.
What I really like is grape juice popsicles, I can eat them all day.

Maybe one day I will enter a popsicle eating contest.

Shiraz is 13"Tall, 3.5"Wide
(9.5" Sitting).

Shiraz is now living in Mumbai, India. Sharing daily popsicle with her best friend-- Mira.


Hi, my name is Sardine.

I love old movies, Tolstoy, and art deco.
I also love pepperoni pizza.

Do you think that makes me upper crusty?

Sardine is 21" Tall, 4" Wide (12.5" Sitting).

Sardin is now living in Mumbai, India with his pal -- Mira.


Hi, my name is Toffee.

But I prefer to be called Mr. Tough-ee.
BBQ ribs are my favorite food.
Extra spicy please!

Toffee is 14" Tall, 4" Wide (10.5" Sitting).


Hi, my name is Shiitake.

I collect things that are shaped like stars, and store them in my heart.

I have a vintage button nose, my mom think it's my best feature.

Shiitake is 14.5" Tall, 4" Wide
(10.5" Sitting).

Ms. Pomegranate

Hi, my name is Ms. Pomegranate.

I wear pink a lot, it really accentuates my complexion.

My brother says I'm chubby!
but Grandma said, a full stomach will always bring good luck.

I think she is right.

Ms. Pomegranate is 13" Tall, 3.5" Wide
(11" Sitting).

Ms. Pomegranate is adopted by Dr. Plank.


Hi, my name is Soy.

I'm white and soft, just like tofu.
I used to be tanned, but the boys make fun of me and call me "soysauce".

Did I mention I hate boys?

Soy is 13.5" Tall, 5.5" Wide
(8" Sitting).


Hi, my name is Honeydew.

I am sweeter than honey, but only after my afternoon naps.

Hmm... naps...

Honeydew is 17.5" Tall, 4" Wide
(12.5" Sitting).


Hi, my name is Clove.

I get nervous a lot.
That's when I turn grey, I hope you won't mind.

I get my courage when I eat beets, then I'm not scared anymore.

Clove is 13.5" Tall, 3" Wide
(8.5" Sitting).

Clove is adopted by DeChester family.


Hi, My name is Vodka.

People says Vodka is the best part of a Long Island Ice Tea.

Can't wait till I am 21.

Vodka is 14" Tall, 3" Wide
(9.5" Sitting).


Hi, my name is Brownie.

I know I look sleepy, but don't be fooled.
I'm the oldest in the family, and the sharpest too.

I think mom secretly likes me the most!

Brownie is 15.5" Tall, 3.25" Wide
(9" Sitting).